sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2020

Winter Trance 2020-2021 Vol. 3



01.- Zoe Johnston, Above & Beyond - Love Is Not Enough feat. Zoë Johnston (Extended Mix)

02.- Ruslan Radriges, Aelyn - Waiting For You (Extended Mix)

03.- Aurosonic, Fenna Day - You'll Be Fine (Progressive Mix)

04.- Freefall, Jan Johnston - Skydive feat. Jan Johnston (Paul Thomas & Bluum presents BPT Remix)

05.- Dylan Matthew, Au5, Tritonal - Happy Where We Are (ilan Bluestone Extended Remix)

06.- Zetandel, Tiff Lacey - Deepest Blue (Denis Airwave Extended Mix)

07.- Benjamin Duchenne, Victoriya - I Don't Mind (Original Mix)

08.- Elysian – Little Star (Maor Levi Extended Mix)

09.- MR90 - Lost In The Desert (Extended Mix)

10.- Michael Fearon - Show Me Love (Extended Mix)

11.- Hypersia, Eximinds - Humanity (Extended Mix)

12.- Alucard, Solarstone - Late Summer Fields (Dark Matter Extended Remix)

Listen and download here

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