domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2020

Winter Trance 2020 Vol.2




01.- Alaera, Kometillo - Imagine Me Here (Extended Progressive Mix)

02.- Illitheas, Pedro Del Mar, Tiff Lacey - Lightning (Club Mix)

03.- Maria Nayler, 4 Strings - Maria Nayler, 4 Strings

04.- Dennis Sheperd, Joston - When I'm Alone (Extended Mix)

05.- Glasscat, Koyah - Anywhere (Extended Mix)

06.- Steph Collings, Leo Lauretti - Never Letting Go (Vocal Extended Mix)

07.- Tricia McTeague, Costa - Call I'll Be There (Extended Mix)

08.- SMR LVE, Roxanne Emery - Lost In Love (Paul Arcane Extended Remix)

09.- Eximinds - Take My Hand (Extended Mix)

10.- Sharon Valerona, Seawayz - By My Side (Extended Mix)

11.- Taylor Torrence, Tara Louise - Dream Again (Extended Mix)

12.- Beatsole - Feel This Sky (Extended Mix)

13.- System F - Out Of The Blue (Ilan Bluestone Extended Remix)

14.- Zoe Johnston, Above & Beyond - No One On Earth feat. Zoë Johnston (gardenstate Extended Mix)

Listen and download here

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