domingo, 30 de mayo de 2021

Trance Podcast 2021 Vol.2


Track List: 02.-Trance Podcast 2021 Vol.2


01.- Linney, Maratone - Closer to You (Illitheas Remix)

02.- Susana, Aurosonic - Weather The Storm (Progressive Mix)

03.- Costa, Sarah Russell - I Remember (Extended Mix)

04.- Fenna Day, Danny Eaton - All Smoke & Mirrors (Costa Extended Mix)

05.- Costa, Veronica K - You Are Loved (Behind The Horizon) (Extended Mix)

06.- Elara, Costa - Sunrise (Extended Mix)

07.- Denise Rivera, Frainbreeze - Memory of You (Extended Mix)

08.- Bigtopo - Ali (Extended Mix)

09.- Brandon Mignacca, Noise Zoo - Sunlight (Extended Mix)

10.- Sylvia Bremer, h.x.e. - Chasing The Lights (Extended Mix)

11.- Eugenio Tokarev, Beatsole, Kimberly Hale - Only Me (Extended Mix)

12.- David Deere, Milad E - Horizon (Extended Mix)

13.- Solarstone - Seven Cities (Chris Schweizer Extended Remix)

Listen and download here

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