martes, 22 de agosto de 2023

Tribute to Sash!

This session intends to be a tribute to the Geman producer Sascha Lappessen, who in 1995 started the project "Sash!", one of the most successful dance projects in history. This session includes the best songs by this producer, who has left a great mark on the history of dance music.


01.-  Sash! feat. La Trec - Stay (Original 12" Mix)

02.- Sash! feat. Tina Cousins - Mysterious Times (Original Maxi)

03.- Sash! - Together Again (Extended)

04.- Sash! - Ecuador (Original 12" Mix)

05.- Sash! - With My Own Eyes (Vocal 12")

06.- Sash! - Adelante (Original 12")

07.- Sash! feat. T.J. Davis - I Believe (Extended)

08.- Sash! - La Primavera (Original 12" Mix)

09.- Sash! - Just Around The Hill (Extended Dance Radio Mix)

10.- Sash! feat. La Trec - Sweat (Original Mix)

11.- Sash! - Te Quiero Mi Amor (Original Mix)

12.- Sash! - Ganbareh (X-Tended Version)

13.- Sash! - The Secret (Original Extended)

14.- Sash! feat. Boy George - Run (Extended Version)

15.- Sash! - Rock The Block (Original Mix)

16.- Sash! feat. Shannon - Move Mania (Extended Mix)

17.- Sash! - Show Me The Right Way (Original Mix)

18.- Sash! - The Sunset (Yanou Vs. Flashrider Mix)

19.- Sash! - Baila Loca (Original Mix)

20.- Sash! feat. Stunt - Raindrops (EUF2) (Original Extended Mix)

21.- Sash! - Little River (Original Mix)

22.- Sash! feat. Dr. Alban - Colour The World (Original Extended)

23.- Sash! feat. Jessy - All Is Love (Original Extended)

24.- Sash! feat. La Isla - Luna Llena (Extended Version)

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