I still remember the first vinyls that I saw in my life, I still remember the sound, those clicks that the dust generated when it brushed against the diamond needle, they were spaghetti vinyls, italo-disco, the Max Mix, where Peret, Castell, Decks, Ussia ... they did wonders without means ... that Mike Oldfield electronics ... the electronics of the eighties.

All those sounds were my musical inspiration. Then came the era of Valencian techno, the bakalao route, italo-dance, house, progressive, trance ... until today, where the sound that defines me the most is atmospheric and elegant deep-house dotted with touches of soulful-house with strength and spirituality. Although eclecticism and versatility is what ultimately characterizes my sets.

A lifetime dedicated to a true passion for electronic music, contributed to by some people to whom I am deeply grateful. Manuel Robles, thanks to him I learned the wonders that zeros and ones do in binary sequences, to Luismi for his always altruistic help, and to the person who is always there, making everything worthwhile.